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When Justin returned home from his combat, he was left to recover from both his physical wounds and his PTSD. When looking for ways to help him recover, one method of recovery was golf. Justin had never picked up a golf club before then, but he immediately fell in love with the game. He would go on to play every day, spending hours a day practicing his swing until perfection. Before long, he was a scratch golfer.

Soon after, he joined President George W. Bush and Laura Bush on the golf course in 2013 and 2014 as a member of Team 43, an adapted sports program run by the Military Service Initiative of the George W. Bush Institute. His involvement in Team 43 was also featured in Golf Digest. He also received custom-made Ping-brand clubs and his name is inscribed on them, given to him early on in his road to recovery. He also participated in several other golf outings, including Tee It Up For The Troops and the AITEC annual outing.